When we value a plant, we do not call it a weed. A weed is a wildflower or a herb that grows in a so-called « wrong place ».
In our streets, we can find a large variety of weeds, and since the very beginning of agriculture, we have been more than creative about finding solutions to eradicate them. Weeding is now a universal activity and we forgot often to think about its consequences. Chemicals like glyphosate are used and end up in our soils and rivers. Another threat that weeds often encounter is manual removal and people stepping on them because they are considered useless or even harmful.
But weeds actually can have a very positive impact on cities' biodiversity and contribute to the regulation of rainwater flow.
This project is a poetic and militant act to protect weeds and raise awareness towards city biodiversity. Pursued during lockdown, the project had to be finalised digitally and could not be taken outside, unfortunately.
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