Le bunker des Calanques, Marseille, photo credits: Caroline Pelletti Victor
Credits : Arts Éphémères.
Shaping decorative patterns from rococo and baroque movements with melted plastic materials, the Fontaine à la Nymphe (Fountain with a Nymph) is a radical and contrasted proposition.
The giant clam shell, a species often appearing in sacred art and yet endangered, has been moulded from plastic bottle caps like the other basin.
Other symbols like the greek divinity of streams and water or lion paws serving as feet to the fountain are 3D printed.
The approach of revaluing plastic debris in artworks referencing a glorious past era allows a disruptive and critical use of polluting materials, witnessing human cognitive dissonance.
The sculpture is a tribute to the cycle of water, indispensable to men and yet seriously polluted by them. Conveying a message of truth and life, the fountain invites visitors to observe and listen to the beauty of the liquid falling along the structure, while raising awareness about the necessity of taking action to preserve this resource, initiating all forms of life on Earth.
Plasticocène, an exhibition by Collectif Polymer
From 16th of February to 27th of May 2023, at Friche La Belle de Mai, Marseille, France.
With Museo Aero Solar, Thomas Mailaender, Southwhay Studio, Côme Di Meglio, Elvia Teotski, Coline Le Quenven, Maxime Verret, James Shaw, Marion Flament, Wendy Andreu, IGO Studio, NSDOS, Gangui Collectif, Ateliers Laissez Passer.

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